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VNMutual Solutions Inc

  • Independent Contractor & Other Self-Employment Solutions

    We find that our Independent Contractor or other Self-Employed clients often seek continual financial guidance.  We understand that along with the various advantages to being in this category, also comes a vast amount of responsibility on your part – particularly in the financial aspect. 

    With benefits typically offered by employers such as health and other insurance, a retirement plan, and even deducting proper amount of taxes from each pay check all being your responsibility instead; deciding which financially related options are best for you can be a cumbersome task - especially with the numerous choices available and endless ways of structuring each. 

    Additionally, there are industry specific considerations that can often be easily overlooked; yet are a crucial factor in potentially protecting you from certain unforeseen situations. 

    With that said, regardless to the industry – be it transportation, childcare, real estate, entertainment, sales, property maintenance, or other industry; You are literally responsible for every single aspect of your finances; on your own. 

    For this reason, most of our clients like you seek continuous, ongoing financial advice from us to help strategize the most ideal approach to efficiently managing various aspects of finances such as how much money to set aside for taxes and government fees, out of pocket expenses such as for benefits, retirement contributions, spending, and more – combined with solutions to ensure personal financial objectives are also taken into consideration; such as proper wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, legacy planning, wealth transfer to future generations and philanthropic interests - to name a few. It is not uncommon for us to work side by side with clients’ talent managers and agents. 

    Contact us below and we’ll work with you to implement a tailored financial strategy that’s ideal for you.